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Surface treatment technology for aluminum products

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Surface treatment technology for aluminum products

There are many surface treatments for Aluminum such as Alumite treatment to create coatings for the aluminum surface, Teflon coating for non-stick and anti-corrosion, Nickel plating, Non-Chromium Anodine coating, or Hard chromium and Anodizing Hard anodizing.

Machining techniques and coating methods for part surfaces will be better if customers provide all necessary information about the surface and requirements of the workpieces, jigs after finishing treatment. .

To get the best surface treatment quality there is a discussion about the product right from the manufacturing and processing stages.

Image description

Parts group of alumite (white, black, blue, yellow, red, etc.), Kanigen plating, Teflon coating, Tuffram treatment, Alodine (no chromium plating)
Rigid anodized parts group (white/black)
Parts covered with Teflon
Expanded Teflon coated parts