NKTM company established in 2020 specializes in the machining of precision parts on aluminum materials
Parts for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Parts for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Technical features of semiconductor-related processing are combined machining and micron level accuracy.

Our technologies, the mirror polishing and the strain-controlled, are suitable for this field.

Semiconductor wafer arm: 1~3mm in thickness, flatness within 0.03

Adsorption Plate: 350mm in diameter, flatness within 0.02, small diameter (0.1~0.5mm) holes more than 5000, surface roughness of Ra0.03.

Vacuum cabinet: squareness, flatness and parallelism within 0.02

In this field, combined manufacturing such as surface treatment is required, though we solve technical issues through our network.

Image description

Part group related to semiconductors
An example of a silicon water absorbent pad
Enlarged image of silicon wafer suction plate Small diameter φ2.5 mm
Enlarge photo of the back of 0.5mm diameter silicon wafer suction plate